Why you can rely on Quartz Carpet

Our reliable Quartz Carpet is the best suited option for a durable and seamless finish. It's used widely across commercial projects as it holds up well with heavy foot traffic. However, this doesn't mean it can't be used in residential projects either. It's a great option as it lasts years and requires minimal maintanece. If you're worried about maintenance, dark colours are more appropriate for ease of clean. 

Audi Dealership

This system has been used throughout Audi and Mercedes dealerships, displaying the true durability of the finish. Not only does it hold up well with foot traffic, but vehicle weight also. Quartz Carpet is perfect for driveways and garages also.

Hollywood House

Not only is Quartz Carpet suitable for commercial projects, but it's being used countless times throughout residential projects also. Home owners are using this system for applications such as their balconies, garage floors or patios. It provides a strong and slip resistant floor that holds up well with foot traffic. Not to mention, the array of colours make it easy to work with any colour scheme in your space.


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Brighton Home Renovation


A Brighton Home, where timber meets concrete, brings to you the perfect combination of contemporary and warmth. 


The use of X-Bond in a home renovation helps incorporate a contemporary and modern feel to the home. Allowing room for existing timber helps maintain the warmth, whilst complimenting the concrete. 


What to do if you're wanting to hold onto some of your existing timber detail? Work around it with X-Bond of course! This Brighton Home utilised timber for parts of their staircase, while using X-Bond on the bottom half. 


Looking to add a feature wall to your living area? X-Bond can be installed around a gas fireplace, bringing character to your space. Our products are hand troweled to create a seamless finish, with a natural and unique variation throughout.

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To view the entire renovation visit: Nuscope Constructions

A splash of X-Bond to your joinery

The versatility of X-Bond still seems to amaze us! Whether it be to curve or create a sharp, clean cut edge, X-Bond looks fantastic on joinery. 

The intricacy and precision required is incredible, but the end result is evidently worth it. 
X-Bond works well with an array of finishes, especially timber. A splash of X-Bond really brings the whole room together.  

What substrates can be used for joinery?
Internally, X-Bond can be applied over MDF. For external applications which are undercover, X-Bond can be applied over Marine Ply. For external applications exposed to elements, X-Bond can be applied over Compressed Sheeting. 

We don't recommend X-Bond for kitchen working benches (around stoves and sinks) and vanity basins

Declutter your home with X-Bond

With the help of X-Bond, your home will have a more simplistic and contemporary feel. With simplicity comes a decluttered space. When applying X-Bond, don't over complicate the space by adding too many ornaments or extra features. X-Bond is a feature in itself, so make sure it's not overdone with clutter.


Interior Design: Mim Design Studio

When applying X-Bond to flooring, it does create a beautiful, industrial feel. However this doesn't mean it sacrifices a cosy home. Adding just a few pieces of joinery and splashes of colour help maintain a cosy, simplistic home. Declutter your space by removing unnecessary objects and keep it clean and simple. X-Bond is a very simplistic yet contemporary product. Decluttering the room will allow for X-Bond to really shine and act as a feature product.


Interior Design: Mim Design Studio

blog 3.jpg

Less is more.  The less ornaments and objects that you keep will only mean there's less to clean. Studies show that the more simplistic a room is, the more happy and relaxed you will feel at home, and this is exactly what this above space defines. When applying X-Bond to a room it's important to not over accessorize, keep it clutter free.  

The options are endless with Highline - Fitzroy, Melbourne

Located in Hanover Street, Fitzroy, Highline is a creative space that provides a bright and vibrant venue, unique to any other location. 

You wouldn't think that such a venue would exist in the heart of Fitzroy. From the outside, it's deceiving to think that such a contemporary and immaculate space can be found within. The external facade certainly doesn't do the interior any justice. 

Walking inside, you can find yourself feeling pleasantly surprised to find an innovative and unique open space. The world is your oyster with this venue, with such an open area to utilise for nearly any business function. 


X-Bond BI in Modern Grey has been applied to the floors, assisting with the seamless and contemporary finish of the space. X-Bond BI works extremely well with the space's surroundings, blending perfectly with the walls and joinery. 


The installation of X-Bond BI has been hand trowelled over an existing substrate. It's apparent via this image that there was high attention to detail whilst creating this space.


Highline's idea to use X-Bond BI was genius, obvious to the fact that it worked hand in hand with the rest of the space. It may have been chosen carefully, but it's versatility is no surprise that it goes with any environment.

This final result of our X-Bond BI is a perfect example of how flawless it looks on flooring, with seamless finishes. Simplistic and easy to match for any occasion.

Benefits of X-Bond?

It creates such a clean-cut finish, making the whole space bigger, fresher and vibrant. It works well with just about any environment and creates a unique finish. 

X-Bond on flooring isn't as cold under foot, as compared to tiles or concrete. It allows for a more comfortable experience and remains its contemporary appeal.

It was a no brainer that we had to make the most of this incredible space, contributing by having our beloved X-Bond applied all over its floors. 


Our X-Bond floors were walked all over by the Asilio The Label models, with no footprints left in sight. 

These floors have been used for functions from weddings to corporate functions. 


Inside the Mercedes Benz Showroom

The Mercedes Benz Showroom is a perfect example of how Quartz Carpet can be installed over fleece. The existing substrate was orginally tiled flooring. Fleece was used to protect this, and if needed to be removed in the future, it is an easy process to do so.

This beautiful showroom features Quartz Carpet for a , seamless finish.


Why choose Quartz Carpet?

If you're after a durable finish then Quartz Carpet is the best suitable option for you. It's perfect for your garage or walkways, providing a seamless finish that lasts.

It provides an anti-slip texture and is water permeable, allowing for low maintenance.

Stain resistance is also a massive advantage to using Quartz Carpet, which means no tyre marks - BONUS!


Quartz Carpet matched perfectly with these luxurious cars, both complimenting each other.  It creates a seamless finish to accompany a flawless showroom.


Mercedes chose to go for the "Pore Filled" finish which is suited to internal areas. This particular finish was applied due to being easier to clean and maintain, which is perfect for such a luxurious showroom. 


Featured above: Quartz Carpet getting installed through the process of hand trowelling over fleece.


  • As featured, Quartz Carpet is hand trowelled over an existing surface.
  • It's applied at approximately 5-7mm thick.
  • Suitable for floors, walls and joinery.
  • Can be applied to a variety of architectural uses including commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and institutional. 
  • "Open Pore" - External areas. 2-3mm only.
  • "Pore Filled" - Internal areas. All sizes available.



A more detailed view, with Quartz stone sizes ranging from 1-3mm.

You're not just limited to a particular colour either, which is just another benefit to this system. There's an array of colours to choose from, making it easy to apply to any environment, suiting to your needs. 


Workspaces to Inspire

We love seeing amazing office fit-outs and If you follow us on Pinterest you'll see we're always searching and pinning cool workplace designs. Today we are sharing 5 of our favourites from the Archdaily with you. Each of the below office fit-outs from around the world is unique, and has been designed with creativity in mind. Get ready to be inspired. 

Squarespace, New York

Polished concrete floors, large windows with natural light, luxurious lounge break-out areas, what's not to love? Photo credit: Squarespace

Objective Subjective, New York

Architects: GRT Architects
Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

Mercedes Benz, Thailand Headquarters

Architects: PBM
Photo credit: W Workspace

West Elm Corporate Headquarters, New York

Architects: VM Architecture & Design
Photo credit: Garrett Rowland & West Elm

Uber Advanced Technologies Group, PA

Architect: Assembly Design Studio
Photo credit: Jasper Sanidad

X-Bond in Fashion Designers' Luxury Hollywood Residence

From covering immense slab walls to correcting sloping roof decks, see how X-Bond Seamless Stone helped transform fashion designer's beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills. 



When internationally famous New York fashion designer purchased a new home off Sunset Boulevard, high in the fashionable Hollywood Hills, some aspects of the home didn't meet his high standards; namely, its stone floors and exterior walls. Seeking a more modern look for his contemporary residence, the renowned designer turned to X-Bond. 

 Existing travertine tile floors needed an upgrade

Existing travertine tile floors needed an upgrade

 Existing black granite tile floors in the shower needed an upgrade

Existing black granite tile floors in the shower needed an upgrade

 Existing black granite tiles on exterior walls before renovation

Existing black granite tiles on exterior walls before renovation

Exploring Alternatives

The home feature two expansive walls - 15x20' and 25x30' - made of black absolute granite - an expensive material - and travertine stone, neither of which met the designer's conceptual vision. His first thought was to use ARDX grey concrete, but this option was not feasible due to the product's thickness.

Complete demolition was another option, but a costly and time-consuming one, requiring the following: 

  • Architectural/engineering drawings for permits (estimated time 10 days)
  • Check approval (up to 2-3 weeks)
  • Stone removal (estimated 2 weeks)
  • Stud replacement (estimated 3 weeks) as needed
  • Cement board installation (estimated 1 week) 
  • Waterproof membrane installation (estimated 4 days) 
  • Stone installation (estimated 2 weeks)
  • Inspections, municipal approval, HOA approval (3-5 weeks)
  • Constraints of removal of demolition debris due to location of property on narrow winding mountain road.

With a projected demolition timeline of 12-15 weeks, this option was quickly abandoned. 


The engineers faced three main challenges with this residential renovation: 

Challenge 1: Creating a consistent surface on immense 25 foot walls

Solution: Using a scaffolding with three men on top, three in the middle, and three on the bottom allowed the applicators to apply smooth, even coats of X-Bond. 

 Existing black granite tiles on exterior walls

Existing black granite tiles on exterior walls

 Applying X-Bond over black granite tiles 

Applying X-Bond over black granite tiles 

Challenge 2: Creating a solution for the silicon-caulked wall seams

Solution: When the sun hit the walls, the silicone seams got warmed and expanded, creating a vein-like appearance. To remedy the problem, the silicone was cut out and filled with X-Bond Seamless Stone. 

 Resurfacing exterior walls with X-Bond Seamless Stone

Resurfacing exterior walls with X-Bond Seamless Stone

Challenge 3: Leveling a sloped floor

Solution: To correct significant sloping in the floor surfaces, the X-Bond system was used to bring the floor up by four inches, while ensuring a secure molecular bond to the existing slab. 

 Roof deck was resurfaced and leveled with with X-Bond Seamless Stone

Roof deck was resurfaced and leveled with with X-Bond Seamless Stone

 Roof deck was resurfaced and leveled with X-Bond Seamless Stone

Roof deck was resurfaced and leveled with X-Bond Seamless Stone


A total of 1,200 square meters of X-Bond Seamless Stone was installed throughout the designer's home, including the exterior granite walls, the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, hallways, pool deck, house exterior, and white marble bathroom. The applicators also grinded down improperly sloped roof deck drains and built them up using X-Bond, ensuring proper water flow. 

 X-Bond Seamless Stone floors

X-Bond Seamless Stone floors

 Updated fireplace with X-Bond Seamless Stone

Updated fireplace with X-Bond Seamless Stone


Not only has the fashion designer since added X-Bond to two downstairs baths and a downstairs kitchen he has also inspired several celebrity friends and close family members to choose X-Bond for their surface and remodelling projects. 

 X-Bond Seamless Stone was used to resurface exterior walls

X-Bond Seamless Stone was used to resurface exterior walls

 Living room after remodel with X-Bond

Living room after remodel with X-Bond

 Renovated kitchen features X-Bond Seamless Stone floors

Renovated kitchen features X-Bond Seamless Stone floors

 Roof deck after renovation with X-Bond Seamless Stone

Roof deck after renovation with X-Bond Seamless Stone

Project Information

  • Application: Floors & Walls with X-Bond Seamless Stone
  • Project size: 1,200 sqm
  • Project year: 2016

Say Goodbye to Grout Lines

We’ve always been lovers of a seamless surface throughout a bathroom, whether it be on the floor or walls. And now on Pinterest our feed is full of project images where a seamless finish has been used throughout the bathroom.

Over recent years we have had more and more customers wanting to have X-Bond Seamless Stone in their bathroom so that they can achieve this look. Apart from the end result looking fantastic, we think there are more reasons as to why a seamless surface like X-Bond is the latest craze...

 X-Bond Polished Bond hand trowelled to floor and walls

X-Bond Polished Bond hand trowelled to floor and walls

1. No grout lines

Think of one person you know who enjoys cleaning grout...
Nobody! There is nothing enjoyable about cleaning scum from the grout lines in your shower tiles! That’s why having a seamless surface in your shower not only makes a great feature, but it also saves you time and elbow grease.

2. Remodel Without Removal

For those out there renovating a bathroom that has old, dated tiles – instead of having to go through the hassle of removing the tiles, X-Bond can be hand trowelled directly over the tiles, saving you a lot of time and money that can be spent elsewhere. 

3. Low maintenance

Need we say more?

4. Complements a range of materials

X-Bond is so versatile and looks fantastic with a range of materials including wood, marble, stone, chrome, steel – the list goes on.

Here are a few of our favourite pictures from Pinterest...

Little Known Ways to Make Your Room Feel So Much Bigger

Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, dining room or study, we’ve curated our top hacks for making a room feel more spacious.

Light it up

Light hues on ceilings, walls and floor work wonders to open up a space. Opt for light greys, whites or if you want to add some colour, pastel pinks and blues may be the way to go.

Make use of hidden storage

There’s something seriously exciting about buying a piece of furniture that can double up for multiple uses.

Make a statement

Nobody likes clutter. And it especially doesn’t belong in a small space. When styling your room, go for a statement piece of furniture rather than multiple small pieces. Furniture that has legs and sits off the ground also helps to make a room feel larger.

Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Using mirrors on the walls creates the illusion of a bigger space, and also enhances natural light throughout the room.

Concrete Inspiration For Your Next Home


We've sourced some of our favourite images from Pinterest that showcase different ways concrete has been used throughout residential projects. From living rooms to bathrooms and outdoor areas, here are some of the ways you can incorporate a concrete finish into your next home... 

 Feature Wall 

Feature Wall 

 Living Room

Living Room

 Kitchen & Meals

Kitchen & Meals

 Bathroom including Shower & Basin

Bathroom including Shower & Basin

 Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

 Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower

 Feature Wall

Feature Wall

All images have been sourced via Pinterest and belong to their rightful owners.