X-Bond Polished Bond

X-Bond Seamless Stone

Suitable for Internal & External floors, walls and joinery.
A seamless stone overlay system that is hand trowelled over an existing substrate to produce a polished concrete or an industrial concrete look. 

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Quartz Carpet™

Suitable for Internal & External floors, walls and joinery.
A resilient covering using coloured natural quartz. If you're after a durable and slip resistant floor Quartz Carpet may be what you have been looking for.

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Suitable for Internal & External concrete floors & walls.
Pre-Stain is an environmentally safe water-based stain that allows you to highlight the natural beauty of your concrete.



Suitable for outdoor permeable floors
Terradec is a porous, water-permeable floor system. It is applied seamlessly for a durable, UV stable finish perfect for footpaths, driveways and many other applications.


Vorwerk Carpets

Vorwerk Carpets is a household name and market leader in Europe with a reputation for quality and reliability in the private and commercial sectors today. We are the exclusive Australian Distributors of the Vorwerk Carpet range which includes uniquely shaped commercial carpet tiles, commercial broadloom and residential broadloom carpets. 

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Organic Elastic Flooring

Vorwerk Carpets have produced an Organic Elastic Flooring named ‘RE/COVER Green’. Made of high-grade ecological elastomers and 90% regenerative raw materials, the organic flooring is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear, making an excellent choice for heavy-duty workload areas such as offices, retailing, healthcare, hotels or public-access buildings.