For years we’ve been bringing the concrete look into bathrooms on clients floors and walls, and now you can add concrete to your bathroom with our ultra-strength concrete sinks by Nood Co. The Scandinavian inspired concrete sinks are available in various shapes and colours.

The Basins

Box Basin


HEIGHT: 115mm
DIMENSIONS: 595mm x 395mm
WEIGHT: 17.25kg

Bowl Basin


HEIGHT: 115mm
WEIGHT: 9.65kg

Trough Sink


HEIGHT: 165mm
DIMENSIONS: 875mm X 415mm
WEIGHT: 29.5kg

Pill Basin


HEIGHT: 110mm
DIMENSIONS: 580mm x 350mm
WEIGHT: 12.3kg

Cube Basin


HEIGHT: 115mm
DIMENSIONS: 390mm x 390mm
WEIGHT: 11kg


Concrete Colour Options

Colours Available.JPG

Available in Musk, Pastel Peach, Blush Pink, Mint, Copan Blue, Powder Blue, Ivory, Mid Tone Grey & Charcoal

Internal Use: Sealed with Nood Co Deep Seal Protection. Sealer is topical and hence it is important to closely follow the install and maintenance instructions provided. Product is water tested and approved prior to shipping. Sealer is zero VOC, food grade safe, UV Tolerant.
External Use: Penetrating sealer. Concrete is breathable. The concrete will get wet and dry out, and  gain natural character over time.
Assembly: Product delivered assembled. Install, maintenance, and waxing instructions and maintenance wax are issued with each product.
Maintenance & Waxing:  Simply wash with soapy water and a soft, microfibre cloth. Avoid chemical cleaners and abrasive sponges and scourers. Please carefully read maintenance and waxing instructions prior to purchase.
Lead Time: 5-7 weeks from date of order.

Please note:

  • Sinks do not come with wastes

  • Colour variance 5%

  • Colours in photographs can appear different to product

  • Hand made product, measurements are an estimate, dimensions are within a 5-10mm tolerance

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