Workspaces to Inspire

We love seeing amazing office fit-outs and If you follow us on Pinterest you'll see we're always searching and pinning cool workplace designs. Today we are sharing 5 of our favourites from the Archdaily with you. Each of the below office fit-outs from around the world is unique, and has been designed with creativity in mind. Get ready to be inspired. 

Squarespace, New York

Polished concrete floors, large windows with natural light, luxurious lounge break-out areas, what's not to love? Photo credit: Squarespace

Objective Subjective, New York

Architects: GRT Architects
Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

Mercedes Benz, Thailand Headquarters

Architects: PBM
Photo credit: W Workspace

West Elm Corporate Headquarters, New York

Architects: VM Architecture & Design
Photo credit: Garrett Rowland & West Elm

Uber Advanced Technologies Group, PA

Architect: Assembly Design Studio
Photo credit: Jasper Sanidad