X-Bond specified in The Bachelor Pad by Indesign International

We're very proud to have worked with Penny del Castillo and the In Design International team at their Port Melbourne project 'The Bachelor Pad' which was shortlisted as a finalist in the Polytec Design Award 2019! Penny provides us with an insight into this project and shares what it was like to work with us. We installed X-Bond to the master ensuite floors & walls (including shower).

Photographer: Isamu Sawa X-Bond hand trowelled to floors, walls & shower self recess

Photographer: Isamu Sawa
X-Bond hand trowelled to floors, walls & shower self recess

Could you tell us about ‘The Bachelor Pad’ and the project brief?

Penny: Our 2nd generation client came to us via his Mum and Sister. A Port Melbourne townhouse with city views was the new home of our young single male client. Our long-term brief was to convert this bachelor pad into a home more suitable for his ‘future wife & family”. Our short-term brief was to introduce a more contemporary ambience to reflect the owners’ personal style.

Our semi industrial style capitalises on current available trends in concrete looking surfaces, without the challenges of real concrete in a renovation situation. Selections of materials and finishes were all keenly channelled to reinvent the key areas of concern in this home. Almost monochromatic in our choices, a heavy use of greys, charcoals and blacks off set with muted metallic and stainless steel make this kitchen bold, masculine and relaxing.

Our design intent was to make the ensuite as uber cool as the homeowner! (and of course, ensure we win him a future heart to share it with!) The solution to the clients’ wish-list required some non-conventional thinking! Thus, we installed a second matte black metal framed custom mirror suspended in front of a window, which allowed us to maintain natural light and ventilation and worked with a back-to-wall bathtub slightly tucked under a floating vanity bench to achieve the ultimate desired luxury soaking bath.

Photographer: Isamu Sawa

Photographer: Isamu Sawa

Were you considering other materials for these areas? What helped you in your decision process to choose X-Bond as the finish?

Penny: We actually didn’t consider any other materials!

The product presentation from Alt Surfaces so happened to coordinate with the timing of the design team making material selections. We were all in love with it immediately for this project. We saw X-Bond as a perfect solution to creating the look and feel of concrete without the challenges of pouring and forming concrete in a small bathroom renovation. If we had used real concrete our room would have been reduced by at least another 60+ mm in all direction. Which doesn’t sound like much but would have made a world of difference in this bathroom to the bathtub fitting and the finished luxury size of the shower.

Is the end result what you were hoping for?

Penny: Absolutely! The client, I and the IDI design team are in love with the seamless finish and colour choice. We also wrapped with the way the colour changes from wet to dry which authenticates the living vision of the material.

What was it like to work with Alternative Surfaces from specification through to installation?

Penny: You guys were terrific! The quoting process and samples request were a breeze. The overall job encountered several glitches due to plumbing issues and although our builder had to make several changes to his building programme you managed to reschedule & get the job done at one of the busiest times of the year! Thank you!!