With there being a growing demand of acting in an ecological and sustainable manner within the Architecture and Interior Design industries, Vorwerk Carpets has launched a new Organic Elastic Flooring named ‘RE/COVER Green’.

RE/COVER Green is made of high-grade ecological elastomers and 90% regenerative raw materials. One basic component is castor and rapeseed oil from the seeds of the tropical castor oil tree. The Organic Polyols extracted from castor and rapeseed oil replaces the PVCs which are used for conventional flooring design.

German ecological products and technologies are innovative, reliable and assume a pioneering role on an International scale. The organic flooring is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. This makes for an excellent choice for heavy-duty workload areas such as offices, retailing, healthcare, hotels or public-access buildings.


Unique Designs

There are 60 unique styles and designs, providing a wide variety of ecological and unique floor options to fulfil high aesthetic standards.

Plain Hued Styles: The Plain Hued styles are Monochrome, giving a discreet sparkling effect. This is inspired by a water surface in motion and a lively appearance as it slightly reflects the surroundings. 

Printed Styles: Interpretations of woods, stone and metal.

Parts: Available in three different sizes and allows various plank formats to be combined. The textures interpret materials from nature and the environment in different degrees of abstraction.









“The collection entitled RE/COVER green signifies an optimal design basis for architects and planners. As a result of the material’s ecological composition and its ‘look’ within the colour code and artwork, RE/COVER green is going to contribute towards initiating particularly aesthetic moments in the field of ‘Green Building’.” - Hadi Teherani, German-Irianian Architect

The advantages at a glance:


  • Rapeseed and castor oil used instead of petrochemical substances

  • Doesn’t contain chlorine, plasticisers or solvents

  • Predominately made of regenerative raw materials

  • Doesn’t contain PVC’s

  • Odour-free


  • High quality

  • Extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear


  • Easy to care for

  • Best ratings in a life cycle: cost analysis

  • Easy to renovate due to a mere 2.5mm material thickness

  • New backing turns gluing into child’s play


  • High slip resistance

  • No toxic gases and very low smoke development in the event of fire

  • Escape routes remain visible in an emergency

  • Increased dimensional stability due to glass fibre reinforcement


  • Large selection of colours on offer

  • Unique sparkling dot surface in plain-hued products


  • RE/COVER Green fulfils all ecological specifications and a combination of seals for quality approval.

  • Blue Angel due to low emissions

  • Complies with the European Union REACH Regulation

  • M1 Certification, Finland

  • A+ Classification, France

  • GREENGUARD Children and Schools, USA