Why you can rely on Quartz Carpet

Our reliable Quartz Carpet is the best suited option for a durable and seamless finish. It's used widely across commercial projects as it holds up well with heavy foot traffic. However, this doesn't mean it can't be used in residential projects either. It's a great option as it lasts years and requires minimal maintanece. If you're worried about maintenance, dark colours are more appropriate for ease of clean. 

Audi Dealership

This system has been used throughout Audi and Mercedes dealerships, displaying the true durability of the finish. Not only does it hold up well with foot traffic, but vehicle weight also. Quartz Carpet is perfect for driveways and garages also.

Hollywood House

Not only is Quartz Carpet suitable for commercial projects, but it's being used countless times throughout residential projects also. Home owners are using this system for applications such as their balconies, garage floors or patios. It provides a strong and slip resistant floor that holds up well with foot traffic. Not to mention, the array of colours make it easy to work with any colour scheme in your space.


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