Colours & Weaves


Proven loop-pile carpet with discreet mottling. A proven classic, “Arena” is a finely even loop-pile carpet with a discreet mottling that brings forth iridescent effects on the carpet’s surface. In terms of colouration, an elegant aubergine violet and lively nuances of aqua complemented by dynamic shades of green round out the classic palettes in grey and beige. The product is available as broadloom from the roll and as tile.


A newly developed tufted carpet, “Elara” has a longer pile and is available in muted shades of beige and grey. The colour spectrum is enhanced by a selection of nuances in up-to-date aqua, green and red, and topped off by a rich warm curry hue. Depending on the colour chosen, the twisted yarn used lends “Elara” a discreet mottling and a shaggy look. It is available as broadloom from the roll and as a tile.


With 28 colours offered, the short-pile, even velours named “Forma” provides the most extensive range to choose from in “Projection”: tasteful shades for ‘homey’ effects and striking hues typical of the business-site sector. What’s more, “Forma” distinguishes itself due to its extreme resilience thanks to its particularly dense velours surface.


Carpets full of character, a frieze is tufted from different dyeable yarns. Depending on the combination of dyes used, it ends up with anything from a discreet to a strong mottling that elicits intriguing effects. The palette of greys appears tone in tone, the accenting colours obtain their especially sophisticated look due to multiple colouration. The range presented includes an up-to-date aqua blue, a fresh green, a brilliant orange and aubergine violet. Its frieze nature and the product’s high density impart a particularly costly aura to “Frisea”, whereby extreme durability is guaranteed as well – whether as broadloom from the roll or as tile.