The Plain Hued collection is comprised of sparkling colours: With shades in petrol, coral, yellow or green, the “Sparkling Colours” clearly set the stage for the floor. Due to a refined irregular dot structure on the surface they exhibit a discreet sparkling effect inspired by a water surface in motion

Printed Styles

The Print collection includes interpretations of woods, stone and metal that are particularly well suited to a creative environment. 



The Parts collection is available in three different sizes and allows various plank formats to be combined.  The textures interpret materials from nature and the environment in different degrees of abstraction. A structured surface overlays the respective decors and lends the product a 'homey' character due to its naturalness and depth. As a result the flooring becomes a life like architectural surface in the room.

Sizes available:

  • 20 x 120 cm

  • 50 x 100 cm

  • 40 x 60 cm

All of the wood decors are purchasable as a floorboard format that can be laid like parquet in different joining patterns. Decors such as MOON and POUR inspired by natural stone and ornamental concrete are available in larger slab formats.

The colour scheme of the new PARTS collection takes up the existing soft and diversely deployable ranges in grey and beige displayed in the UNI/PRINT collection, yet it also introduces new and more striking hues in shades of cognac, blue and violet.

The PARTS planks are glued to the subflooring. Outstanding, durable resilience and longevity make PARTS an ideal product for the widest variety of areas of use in the business-site sector, for instance hotels, shops, trade-fair booths and restaurants