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Proven loop-pile carpet with discreet mottling. A proven classic, “Arena” is a finely even loop-pile carpet with a discreet mottling that brings forth iridescent effects on the carpet’s surface. In terms of colouration, an elegant aubergine violet and lively nuances of aqua complemented by dynamic shades of green round out the classic palettes in grey and beige. The product is available as broadloom from the roll and as tile.

Contura Creation

Impressions of ruffled water surfaces. The loop pile entitled “Contura Creation” is a solution-dyed carpet equally available as broadloom from the roll or tile. Three different designs lend the product its fascinating look. Always kept in the traditional basic colours grey or black, different-coloured yarns in silver, aqua blue, orange and green are crafted into the product. The carpet’s contrast varies; the ingenious patterning that arises is reminiscent of a water surface ruffled by wind or a herringbone design.

Contura Design

“Contura Design” bears a similarity to “Contura Creation” with respect to both construction and design: A finely crafted loop pile in solution-dyed quality with two out-of-the-ordinary designs that can be laid either as broadloom from the roll or as tile. A discreet variation is offered by a reserved yet complex design displaying an irregularly dispersed rhomboid grid in muted colours. The basic hues in black, grey and grey-brown are combined unobtrusively with silvery shimmering yarns reminiscent of a starry sky or a lush, verdant green, both rich in contrasts. Two multilayered, trend-oriented stripe designs exhibiting lively colours allow for a more distinctive floor design: Fine lines made up of variegated shades offer the possibility to set accents in a room.


A newly developed tufted carpet, “Elara” has a longer pile and is available in muted shades of beige and grey. The colour spectrum is enhanced by a selection of nuances in up-to-date aqua, green and red, and topped off by a rich warm curry hue. Depending on the colour chosen, the twisted yarn used lends “Elara” a discreet mottling and a shaggy look. It is available as broadloom from the roll and as a tile.


With 28 colours offered, the short-pile, even velours named “Forma” provides the most extensive range to choose from in “Projection”: tasteful shades for ‘homey’ effects and striking hues typical of the business-site sector. What’s more, “Forma” distinguishes itself due to its extreme resilience thanks to its particularly dense velours surface.

Forma Design

“Forma Design” convinces through classic patterns for business sites held in combinations of grey, blue, green and beige. Graphic designs such as charmingly dotted fields and irregular arrangements of mini-boxes enliven floor architecture on a reserved scale. Thanks to the very dense velours surface, the tufted “Forma Design” is extremely durable, too.


The carpet classic FORMAT is both high quality and hardwearing. Attractive material combinations and innovative ideas form the basis for your creative floor design.  Changeable effects, shifting surfaces, nuanced colours and a pleasant surface feel are visible proof of the Vorwerk quality and aesthetic standards.


Carpets full of character, a frieze is tufted from different dyeable yarns. Depending on the combination of dyes used, it ends up with anything from a discreet to a strong mottling that elicits intriguing effects. The palette of greys appears tone in tone, the accenting colours obtain their especially sophisticated look due to multiple colouration.

The range presented includes an up-to-date aqua blue, a fresh green, a brilliant orange and aubergine violet. Its frieze nature and the product’s high density impart a particularly costly aura to “Frisea”, whereby extreme durability is guaranteed as well – whether as broadloom from the roll or as tile.


When it comes to superior quality, weaving is the most sophisticated and demanding method for crafting high-grade yarns and makes weaves like “Nandou” indispensable, particularly in the business-site sector. The distinctive horizontal structure exhibited by this proven and well-known loop-pile carpet lends it a straightforward, linear appearance.

Its firm structure makes the carpet markedly robust and ideally suitable for areas with extreme levels of use. The sportive colour scheme includes a broad spectrum of neutral hues ranging from warm to cool. The highlights are formed by striking accents such as a bright orange-red, turquoise and two lush shades of green.

Nandou Design

“Nandou Design” is comprised of two design patterns. Its technical construction is equivalent to that of “Nandou”. The classic line patterns are attained by employing different-coloured yarns made visible due to their linear mottling. The special new look displayed by these design classics is obtained via dynamically detailed combinations of colours. “Nandou Design” receives its elegant gleam through the use of glossy yarns. The colours on offer are served by the basic and accenting hues presented by “Nandou uni” in monochrome shades, making them an ideal combination for the business-site sector.


The tufted loop weave named “Scano” has a particularly lively appearance. High-grade glossy yarns impart a sophisticated, metallic look to this design-oriented carpet. The palette of colours encompasses a selection of muted nuances of grey enhanced by such accents as a fresh, verdant green, a lush shade of aqua, and a very up-to-date lipstick hue.


As the name implies, “Strada” is a loop-pile carpet distinguished by a linear structure. Fine and coarser loops adjoin to form a pattern reminiscent of pinstripes. Each of the 12 colour schemes is a combination made up of two nuances of one shade. The palette comprised of classic tones in grey and beige is supplemented by violet, green, red and blue.


“Tecno” has proven itself for years with its micro-design in a mini-box format. In conformity with current trends, the newly conceived design has been kept more casual. The colour palette of this successful printed velours includes classic combinations in grey along with accents in red, green and blue. Brand-new looks arise on the short pile by blending different shades in one design pattern.


The velvety “Valora” constitutes yet another new development from the design studio at Vorwerk. This high-grade luxury velours has a particularly high pile weight and is woven using the classic pile wire technique. Its especially ‘lofty’ pile is a convincing factor that offers unique walking comfort. The surface is presented in a stylishly matte velvet gloss. The weave’s colouration, special density and soft tactile feel lend it a luxurious touch. In addition to elegant tones of beige and grey, the colours offered are topped off by a classic wine red, a deep shade of petrol, moss green and an up-to-date coral lipstick hue.


This dense, non-directional melange velours made of 100% recycled yarn is another classic among the business-site products from Vorwerk. The iridescent effects add a sense of levity to the flooring-design look, yet without being obtrusive. The proven tufted article is still available in traditional shades of grey and beige, although the palette is being supplemented by up-to-date hues in moss and aqua, and accentuated by a gentle rust-rosé and a gleaming sapphire blue.

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