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The upscale charm of Parisian townhouses with stately façades contrasted by discreetly minimalistic interiors: Amiru is a match for both. The colours for this finely crafted, sensuous soft-gloss frieze are reminiscent of opaque glass; its tactile feel like cashmere. In a kindred spirit, the chromatics for this carpet were designed using pale, delicate nuances on the one hand, and rich, slightly glossy shades of velvet on the other. The colours include an unobtrusive rosé and a slightly cooler tone of violet, as well as refreshing nuances of blue. A striking gold, a lush emerald green, turquoise and a deep bordeaux red equally mark the world of colours for this elegant carpet.


Industrial touch meets ‘feel-good’ atmosphere. Fine ornamental threads in metallic nuances such as copper, silver or brass are wrought in to let Campus shimmer. 
Depending on the fibres’ shade, they give this modern loop-pile carpet either a warmer or cooler touch.

The combination of subtle, natural colours and warm or neutral accenting shades sets Campus apart; a special character that evokes direct associations with industrial loft architecture. The harmonious palette involving 14 combinations runs from light-coloured, warm metallic hues with a silvery look to warm shades of grey and on to metallic nuances with a greenish iridescence. They are topped off by cobalt blue as an accent-setting colour together with copper threading.


The two different-coloured yarns in Corvara, a frieze carpet, bring visual motion to this product. The resulting mottling ends up being more accented or discreet, depending on the combination of colours chosen. In neutral nuances it is lightly shaded; with more striking colours such as yellow-rosé or orange-mud, the dual effect unfolds to a greater degree.

As the hues merge with each other when viewed across a large area, the contrast generally remains subtle to the eye. The warm, dry look and feel to the yarns produces a natural effect which is found again in the colour schemes: brick and coral reds along with natural shades of green, grey and beige create a ‘feel-good’ atmosphere in livingroom and dining areas marked by the widest variety of styles.


“Less forms the new opulence”. This motto is rooted in the effect created by the only woven carpet in Fascination. Gattea is a modern, very flat weave that masters the
balancing act between textile and hard flooring products while uniting the benefits of both – textile feel and even height.

Though not soft to the touch, the tightly woven yarns produce a distinct surface structure. The consequence: a pleasant, massage-like feeling of walking comfort topped off by a certain flair at home. The colouration for Gattea is calm, pure and minimalistic: mineral-based hues and the linear groove structure balance each other to the utmost. 13 colour schemes, for instance muted shades of beige, brown and green, a grey-blue and an apricot-rosé, bring natural nuances to residential space – a mega-trend of our times.


Pure and universal meets a high standard for quality. Hermelin, the German word for ermine, is a timeless, low-key, finely structured velour displaying a matte look and a grainy pinpoint effect that arises due to a sophisticated combination of twisting and fixing the yarn.

Its silky feel in conjunction with reservedly cool and serene colours is very up to date. The shades tending towards pastel hues – including a clear aqua, opaque shades of green, a silky petrol and conservative gradations of coral and rosé – create a calming ambience in any room. As a result this carpet is suitable for all lounging areas, and optimally employable in bedrooms or other ‘quiet’ zones.


The natural, comfy appearance is what captivates with Larea, a voluminous matte frieze. Its forthright structure and frilled threads create a shifting surface look that is
interestingly contrasted by ‘austerely’ matte fibres. A colouration inspired by nature accentuates the carpet’s modernness, which harmonises perfectly with the up-to-date blends reflecting such materials as concrete, wood and glass: shades of wood and stone, the colours of clear water, a lush moss green and a warm saffron yellow are well suited for zones of well-being where one can get away from it all.


Lyrica – a comfy-cosy product with a touch of extravagance. This high-quality, softgloss Saxony is one of the classics in Fascination. The distinct ‘brushback’ attribute exhibited by this plush velour generates its characteristically luxurious radiance and literally makes its soft feel visible.

The yarn’s iridescence is intensified even more due to the new colours: instead of 16 there are now 24 predominantly classic, lush shades such as deep emerald green, bordeaux red and navy blue, enhanced by a light blue, coral red, brass and lilac blue. The new colours for Lyrica make the carpet ‘presentable’ on an international scale. Whether in the traditional décor found in venerable, spacious flats or a cool urban loft, at boutiques or hotels, always a perfect fit.


Straightforward, sincere, warm and robust: that’s Merida, a frieze velour. The carpet is extremely durable due to its comparatively short threads, making it especially suitable for areas faced with a great deal of ‘traffic’. A homey aura is conveyed by its matte fibres, strong structure and modern colouring. Gradations of beige and brown, a light blue, a powdery hue, a striking yellow and a red-brown – a total of 14 nuances mirror up-to-date trends in colours, forming the perfect supplement to today’s clearly styled architecture composed of stone, wood, metal and glass.


When all is said and done, the carpet entitled Modena is THE semi-matte velour classic from Vorwerk for the residential sector. In 2015 it celebrated its 40th anniversary, yet it continues to be the universal best seller for the home, at work, in hallways and wherever people meet. Modena is colour. With 50 fresh shades, most of which are new, it offers the broadest spectrum in the collection, ranging from purple to bordeaux and rust red, with shadings of apricot that move on to pumpkin orange. Gradations of taupe, caramel and stone segue to grey-blue, lilac blue, sky blue and on to nuances in aqua and green, for example green melon, thé vert and amazonite.


Silky-matte, iridescent, reserved. Myrana, a high-quality soft- & semi-glossy Saxony, radiates upscale understatement and stands for a new style of luxury. The soft, natural feel is inviting and comfortable, the colour spectrum ranges from delicate to stimulating. It recalls a coolly shaded sky and nature awakening at sunrise: an intensely sunny and gold-toned yellow, nuances of red, a light aqua, as well as the colours found in pearls, water and fog. Myrana is a ‘feel-good’ product that creates a distinct atmosphere in living spaces while accentuating the sensual.


Low-key shades reminiscent of different-coloured clouds, stone and sand. The Nordic nuances in colours found in light and the sky that have been used for the
extremely densely tufted Nerz – the German word for mink and a classic in the Fascination collection – are cool, discreet, and form an intriguing contrast to the effect made by the materials’ warm, silky-soft feel. The gentle look of fine plush velour and the light colour schemes emphasise the luxurious touch and soft nature of this
treasured carpet. It lends a sophisticated accent to any room and is perfectly suited for more intimate ‘retreats’ such as bedrooms or dressing rooms.

Nutria Comfort

As the name implies, this high-quality and particularly voluminous jaspé velour with an ultra-soft feel is ideally suited for bedrooms and living areas where a discerning
standard is called for. Deliberately kept in a homogeneous chromatic alignment, the refreshingly up-to-date colouring in over 20 variations is reminiscent of tones found in
cashmere. Delicate, natural hues in the grey and beige spectrum encounter a fashionably pale rosé and finely graduated shades of green and blue bearing gem-like nuances. The elegant Nutria Comfort is the perfect fit for traditional décors, yet equally at home with contemporary furniture and materials.


Luxurious feel, silky gloss, and refined hues. The newly developed Safira, a soft-gloss frieze, captivates due to its classic opulence and materials with a costly touch. 
Exhibiting a particularly high level of yarns employed, this carpet product is extraordinarily voluminous and velvety soft. The lush colours – among them sapphire blue, brass, crimson-purple, chartreuse-yellow and Alhambra green, not to mention a differentiated black & white – underscore the luxurious ‘feel-good effect’ emanated by this comfortable carpet.


The forthright, discreetly frilled surface of Viola, a velour frieze, delights with a distinctive, slightly shifting look. Shades in light grey and taupe alongside hues reminiscent of orchids and ‘Ispahan roses’ lend the colour spectrum a feminine touch that corresponds to the soft feel.

Serene Nordic tones radiate calmness, whereas deep velvety hues evoke an emotional appeal while using a reserved gloss to impart a certain preciousness. The colours for Viola are inspired by contemporary architecture that uses blends of glass, wood and brass, as well as by variegated up-to-date accessories.

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