General Questions

Can Alternative Surfaces products be installed seamlessly over my existing floor?
Our surfaces are designed to be installed seamlessly. We don't have to put breaks in if structurally it doesn't require it. When X-Bond is applied over concrete or sheeting, if there is an existing break or control joint in the existing floor we must repeat that by doing a saw cut or back to back profiles. 

Where can X-Bond and Quartz Carpet be applied?
X-Bond and Quartz Carpet have endless uses; it can be applied on floors, walls and joinery. Speak to our team to find out which finish is better for your chosen application.

Do your products delaminate and crack?
We cannot guarantee that the existing substrate will not move causing our product to delaminate and crack. This is a substrate failure and the movement is beyond our control. Alternative Surfaces will not be held responsible for naturally occurring subfloor or substrate cracking. 

Once your products have been applied will I be able to see trowel marks?
Yes, as our products are hand troweled, trowel marks will be visible.

What products can be used in my shower base?
The X-Bond Polished Bond system is our only product that can can be applied to shower bases.

Can I buy the materials to lay the X-Bond or Quartz Carpet myself?
No. We have certified applicators trained by Alternative Surfaces to install our seamless overlay systems.

At what stage of my project should your products be applied?
We prefer to install towards the very end of a project.

Is there a minimum quantity order for X-Bond and Quartz Carpet?
No, all projects are priced on a project-by-project basis. 

How long is the warranty on your products?
We have a standard 2 year warranty on all of our surfaces and a 5 year warrant for the Vorwerk Carpets range. 

X-Bond Questions

Can I apply X-Bond onto ceilings? 
Yes. X-Bond Polished Bond can be applied onto ceilings depending on the square meters.

Which X-Bond finish can be applied onto walls? 
X-Bond Polished Bond is the only finish that is applied onto walls. 

What sealers are used for X-Bond? 

  • Gloss sealer forms a membrane over the X-bond with nice gloss finish. This sealer suitable is for Internal applications only.
  • Satin Stone sealer forms a membrane over the X-Bond with a nice matt finish. This sealer is suitable for Internal applications only. 
  • WB 500 Matt sealer penetrates into the X-Bond leaving you with a raw concrete look and feel. This sealer is suitable for shower walls, shower bases and internal and external floors, walls and joinery. 

The project I'm working on requires a very high slip resistance. What X-Bond finish could I use? 

  • Anti-Slip Mineral finish is a highly textured and slip resistant finish which is typically used for external uses and ramping / walkways. 
  • SC8 Anti Slip Sealer contains very fine non slip beads and forms a membrane over X-Bond. 

What X-Bond finish is used outside and in wet areas?
In shower-bases X-Bond Polished Bond is used with a WB 500 Matt sealer. 
For external floors, X-Bond BI and X-Bond Polished Bond with WB 500 Matt or Anti-Slip mineral finish are the most suitable finishes. 

Are saw cuts required on my X-Bond floor? 
Saw cuts are required in areas where there are existing control/expansion joints or floor junctions. If installing over sheeting we need to follow all breaks in the sub-floor to avoid any possible movement that may cause our X-Bond to crack. 

How long does it take to apply? 
This depends on the size of the project and the finish. An example based on 100 square meters is approximately 5 days.  

Do I need to re-seal? How frequently do I need to re-seal?
This depends on the amount of traffic in the given area. An approximate guide for residential areas is 2 to 5 years. For commercial areas, approximate re-sealing time is 1 to 2 years. In heavily trafficked areas, resealing will be required more often. 

What products do you recommend using to maintain my X-Bond floor?
View our maintenance procedures.

Quartz Carpet Questions

What is Quartz Carpet?
Quartz Carpet consists of natural quartz granules mixed with an epoxy resin that is hand trowelled on to an existing substrate. Quartz Carpet can be applied onto floors, walls and selected joinery items. 

Can Quartz Carpet be applied externally?
Yes, Quartz Carpet open pore finish is suitable for external applications. 

Can Quartz Carpet be applied in bathrooms or wet areas?
Yes, as long as a Pore Fill sealer is applied over the quartz. Quartz Carpet cannot be applied in a shower.

Are there colours available other than the stock colours?
Yes, the manufacturers carry over 20,000 different colour combinations. 

What stone sizes are available?

  • 1mm - 2mm (Pore Filled Finish)
  • 2mm - 3mm (Open Pore & Pore Filled Finish)

Our manufacturer carries 10 different sizes which range from 0.7mm to 10mm and are available by special order only.

How long does it take to apply? 
This depends on the size of the project and the finish. Here is an example based on 100 square meters:
Open Pore - 3 days, Closed Pore - 5 days.

Can I create patterns using various colours?
Yes, profiled can be installed in predetermined shapes prior to the application of Quartz Carpet. This allows the installers to neatly apply different colours to different areas.

Can I divide areas?
Areas can be divided installing profiles prior to the application of Quartz Carpet.

Do I need to re-seal? How frequently do I need to re-seal?
Yes. However, the time-span before re-sealing depends on the amount of traffic in the given area. An approximate guide for residential areas is 2 to 3 years. For commercial areas, approximate re-sealing time is 1 to 2 years. In heavily trafficked areas, resealing will be required more often.

Can you see trowel marks in the finished floor?
Trowel marks are a natural feature of Quartz Carpet. They are more prominent in some finishes (e.g. Mortar Floors) and colours than in others. In addition, their visibility depends largely on lighting and angle of view.

How do I maintain my Quartz Carpet floor?
You can clean your floor with a broom, vacuum or mop. View our maintenance procedures for more information. 

Vorwerk Carpets Questions

Who is Vorwerk? 
Vorwerk is a household name and market leader in Europe, with a reputation for quality and service since 1883. Made in Germany, Vorwerk have a reputation for quality and reliability making them one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality carpets for the private and commercial sectors today.

Do you supply and install the Vorwerk Carpets range? 
Alternative Surfaces only supply the Vorwerk Carpets range. However, we have a preferred installer that we have worked with for residential and commercial projects. 

Do you hold stock of the Vorwerk Carpets range in Australia? 
No. We order from Vorwerk on a project-by-project basis. However, we do have a showroom full of samples of the complete Vorwerk Carpets range. 

What is the lead time for my Vorwerk Carpets order? 
All of our prices include air-freight from Germany. Air-freight is a 2-3 week lead time (depending on stock) 
If you have more time up your sleeve, we provide the option for sea-freight which is a 6-8 week lead time (depending on stock)
If your order needs to be produced, the production time is approximately 4 weeks.  

What are the carpets made from?
The Vorwerk Carpets range is made from 'Polyimide', which is a Nylon carpet that is used in most commercial applications due to its durability and easy cleaning. The vorwerk Carpets range is composted of 100% textile fibres and are odourless.

Does the Vorwerk Carpets range pass the BCA?
Yes. All carpets pass BCA (Building Code of Australia) 

How are the Vorwerk Carpets dyed? 
All carpets are dyed using different processes which are all water based. No organic solvents are used.

I'm looking for commercial carpet tiles, which range should I look at? 
Vorwerk Carpets have two different commercial carpet tile ranges:

  • TEXtiles Parts range: Square and rectangular carpet tiles
  • TEXtiles Free-Form range: Uniquely shaped carpet tiles (9 shapes available) 

How durable is the Vorwerk Carpet commercial range?
Our commercial carpet ranges (TEXtiles Parts, TEXtiles Free-Form and Projection Range) have a durability rating of Extreme 33, which is the highest commercial durability rating, making them a great choice for heavy duty use. 

What backing is used on the carpet tiles?
The TEXtile Free-Form and Parts carpet tiles have a 100% ECO friendly backing called Textiles. They heavily backed tiles are PVC and Bitumen free. The tiles are manufactured from approximately 100% of recycled materials and are entirely recyclable. 

What certifications does the Vorwerk Carpet range have?
Environment and health care certification TÜV, DAAB, Green Label Plus and complies with HQE™ guidelines.

What glue do you recommend using for carpet tile installation?
For carpet tile installations we recommend to use a Tackifier which is a pressure sensitive adhesive on carpet tiles. The glue remains tacky giving the ability to remove and replace individual tiles.