Declutter your home with X-Bond

With the help of X-Bond, your home will have a more simplistic and contemporary feel. With simplicity comes a decluttered space. When applying X-Bond, don't over complicate the space by adding too many ornaments or extra features. X-Bond is a feature in itself, so make sure it's not overdone with clutter.


Interior Design: Mim Design Studio

When applying X-Bond to flooring, it does create a beautiful, industrial feel. However this doesn't mean it sacrifices a cosy home. Adding just a few pieces of joinery and splashes of colour help maintain a cosy, simplistic home. Declutter your space by removing unnecessary objects and keep it clean and simple. X-Bond is a very simplistic yet contemporary product. Decluttering the room will allow for X-Bond to really shine and act as a feature product.


Interior Design: Mim Design Studio

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Less is more.  The less ornaments and objects that you keep will only mean there's less to clean. Studies show that the more simplistic a room is, the more happy and relaxed you will feel at home, and this is exactly what this above space defines. When applying X-Bond to a room it's important to not over accessorize, keep it clutter free.