Inside the Mercedes Benz Showroom

The Mercedes Benz Showroom is a perfect example of how Quartz Carpet can be installed over fleece. The existing substrate was orginally tiled flooring. Fleece was used to protect this, and if needed to be removed in the future, it is an easy process to do so.

This beautiful showroom features Quartz Carpet for a , seamless finish.


Why choose Quartz Carpet?

If you're after a durable finish then Quartz Carpet is the best suitable option for you. It's perfect for your garage or walkways, providing a seamless finish that lasts.

It provides an anti-slip texture and is water permeable, allowing for low maintenance.

Stain resistance is also a massive advantage to using Quartz Carpet, which means no tyre marks - BONUS!


Quartz Carpet matched perfectly with these luxurious cars, both complimenting each other.  It creates a seamless finish to accompany a flawless showroom.


Mercedes chose to go for the "Pore Filled" finish which is suited to internal areas. This particular finish was applied due to being easier to clean and maintain, which is perfect for such a luxurious showroom. 


Featured above: Quartz Carpet getting installed through the process of hand trowelling over fleece.


  • As featured, Quartz Carpet is hand trowelled over an existing surface.
  • It's applied at approximately 5-7mm thick.
  • Suitable for floors, walls and joinery.
  • Can be applied to a variety of architectural uses including commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and institutional. 
  • "Open Pore" - External areas. 2-3mm only.
  • "Pore Filled" - Internal areas. All sizes available.



A more detailed view, with Quartz stone sizes ranging from 1-3mm.

You're not just limited to a particular colour either, which is just another benefit to this system. There's an array of colours to choose from, making it easy to apply to any environment, suiting to your needs.